Mini Taxi

This mini taxi is ready to take you for a ride in the big city. This is one city where painting the town will not be necessary because it is already painted with Niji Pearlescent Watercolor Set. This watercolor set is so easy to use, and it adds just the right amount of shimmer. The only supplies you need to use this product is a small paintbrush and a little water. The watercolors are very reasonably priced and since a little color goes a long way, should be something that will give you lots of creating without running out. 🙂 Good news, huh?

The taxi was stampped on shrink plastic and colored with Sharpie fine tip markers. Sharpie markers are wonderful for coloring on shrink plastic. These fine tip markers are easy to use in small spaces and give the image lots of color, especially after the baking process. The little yellow taxi is placed on the ATC with a foam square to add a little 3D effect. The foam square makes the scene a little more realistic. (Don’t forget to check out the little ‘copter in the corner. A backward brad gives impression of real blades.)

Are you loving these stamps? They are from the Doodle Factory Collection created by Starving Artist, so if you have a chance stop by their website and browse the selection.

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About Christy

I am a papercrafter who attempts to view life at a tricycle pace. If you are in a hurry don't ask me for directions. I love making art to swap, especially retro art. Creating is fun, but creating for the purpose of sharing is fulfilling.

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