A Thousand Words

Have you ever heard that phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words?” I believe this statement to be true, so how does anyone, professional writer or not, decide on an appropriate caption for a picture? A caption is usually only a few words, and since the picture is valued at a thousand words, which words do you choose to portray the message of the photo, and yet still allow the imagination of the viewer to be included. Whew! Tough assignment, huh?

Below is a picture that totally cracked me up, and so many thoughts came to mind as I studied the photo. Since tricycles are used to describe my little place here -the 3 wheeled blog- how could I not bring this up? However, this photo deserves a caption, so let’s work together and brainstorm some ideas.

I would love to use this photo as an award to pass on to fellow bloggers, but not sure how exactly that works. If you can help me out with this information, that would be great. Until then, I can’t wait to read your suggestions for a caption. So leave a comment with your suggestion–can’t wait to read what few words out of a thousand made the cut. Let’s get started!!!

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About Christy

I am a papercrafter who attempts to view life at a tricycle pace. If you are in a hurry don't ask me for directions. I love making art to swap, especially retro art. Creating is fun, but creating for the purpose of sharing is fulfilling.

14 thoughts on “A Thousand Words

  1. this is SUCH an unbelievably funny picture, I can not even think straight!!! LOL !!!!!!! it reminds me of a childhood pic of myself, when my 4 sisters tookmy training wheels off, and I sit on the bike crying!! haha. I am NOT good at finding words, but I wil be giving this one some thought!!!!!

  2. Oh! That was a good comment – you know you’re not going anywhere! I wonder where the photo comes from? Did you find it? It’s funny. How about … Oh, rats! Nothing’s as good as Anjou’s comment. Sorry. Jeanne in Oregon

  3. “Perseverance? Some days you just need find another way!”

    Love the picture!!! And yes,where in the world did you find it, LOL Your post is a riot also.

    So glad you were in the cblog comment thread :o) Book marking you!
    sandy O

  4. That picture is hysterical. I like “living outside of the box” and “Some days you know you just aren’t going anywhere” TFS

  5. I sent this pic to my husband once with a message that said “you know this is gonna be our kid someday, right?” It even looks a little like my husband. Ha ha. The only caption i can come up with is “crying isn’t gonna get you there any faster!” Is that mean? 😉

  6. How about….”note to self, be more specific when making wishes”


    “some days it doesn’t pay to be different”


    “I just HAD to be different”

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