Work Hound

This is where my creativity took me for a theme of “Archeology.” This theme has been spinning around in my head for a few weeks, and it took a turn toward man’s best friend. Man’s best friend shows incredible determination when it comes to digging holes, right? Regardless of the work it requires, there is no denying that they love to dig holes for the sole purpose of hiding a bone, that they will again try to find hours later, and dig it up again. Sounds like a pretty crazy routine to me, but they find a tremendous amount of joy in finding treasures that they worked so hard to hide, days prior. So enjoy this little “work hound” as he digs and digs. That shovel makes him look like a real professional archeologist!
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About Christy

I am a papercrafter who attempts to view life at a tricycle pace. If you are in a hurry don't ask me for directions. I love making art to swap, especially retro art. Creating is fun, but creating for the purpose of sharing is fulfilling.

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