Walk A Mile

Here is another inchie fulfilling the theme of “shoes.” The laces were stitched by hand, with navy thread, doing a double stitch on each lace, so that it would be nice and thick. It was my desire to try and keep it simple and clean.

While working on lacing up 12 shoes for 12 inchies, it gave me plenty of time to think about walking a mile. Don ‘t worry, not talking about any physical exercise here, just the idea of trying to be more understanding of others, through the idea of taking a few steps where they live. Making an extra effort to cut folks some slack, because the shoes they are wearing come with a history, a past. Even if the shoes are non-marking soles, they always, with each step of the journey, mark your soul forever.

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About Christy

I am a papercrafter who attempts to view life at a tricycle pace. If you are in a hurry don't ask me for directions. I love making art to swap, especially retro art. Creating is fun, but creating for the purpose of sharing is fulfilling.

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