Singin’ The Blues!

Only a spring bird can pull off a successful concert of singing the blues, because it’s those spring birds that feel the agony of the season changing from winter to spring. This poor little bird was ready to wear his new sunglasses, and yesterday instead of the sunglasses he needed snow boots. Now that is a good title for a blues song……Sunglasses for Snow Boots! 🙂
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About Christy

I am a papercrafter who attempts to view life at a tricycle pace. If you are in a hurry don't ask me for directions. I love making art to swap, especially retro art. Creating is fun, but creating for the purpose of sharing is fulfilling.

12 thoughts on “Singin’ The Blues!

  1. What a cutie! He’s so serious about his concert. haha! He even looks a little nervous. 😉 I love your header btw, the tricycle is such a creative idea. 😀

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