A Clean Haunted House?

This card features the following amazing Halloween images from Eat Cake Graphics:
Haunted House(6037-S) & Hank (the dog) on his Hoover(3056-I)

 Is it possible to have a clean haunted house? 

I’m thinking this painting with bleach technique coupled with paper piecing is just the trick to make this haunted house comfortable for the ghosts and goblins.  Stamp the haunted directly on to orange cardstock with embossing ink, coat with fine detail black embossing powder, and apply heat to melt the powder.  Once this image is set, pour a small amount of bleach into a glass bowl, use a detail paint brush to apply the bleach to the area of the embossed image where you desire a color change.  (In this case, I chose the house siding.)  The raised embossed lines help keep the bleach from running into other areas, isn’t that the coolest?  This slight discoloration makes the house stand out just a touch from the rest of the layout.  While the bleach is drying, stamp the haunted house image on to white cardstock with black ink.  Using detail scissors cut out the eyes of the owl, bat, cat, and ghost, apply a little glue to the back and paper piece them directly on to the orange cardstock in the appropriate position.  I instantly fell in love with those darling little white eyes peeking out from all directions.  Stamp the haunted house image on to brown cardstock and then again on yellow cardstock with black ink.  Carefully inspect the roof of the house.  Do you see the paper piecing?  Again using detail scissors cut out those portions of the roof and attach to the orange cardstock image with glue, making sure you line everything up properly.  Now stamp Hank on his Hoover image on to white cardstock with black ink and color.  The Halloween greeting was stamped on yellow cardstock and attached with a short piece of brown string around Hank’s neck.  He is one proud puppy flying around the neighborhood spreading his Halloween cheer.  Layer the card with various cardstock and add a touch of goo at the base with the Martha Stewart border punch.


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