So Long Summer…..


Eat Cake Graphics Stamps Used in Creating So Long Summer:

1018-E Penny sits

9040-E Cooler (ice chest)

9037-B Bottled water

9035-C Lunch stuff

6035-I Summer fence

7016-M Birch tree

 It’s never too late to reflect on those perfect summer days where the sun was shining and the birds were singing.  This card captures the perfect day for Penny as she sits on the fence. 

 Two techniques were used for creating this card.  The first is using COPIC Markers to create and color a background, and the second demonstrating the ability to create distance for objects in a scene. Since I wanted the trees to show darker in the front and lighter in the back, I inked the Birch Tree image with green ink and stamped on white paper.   Then very quickly held the rubber stamp near my mouth and “huffed” on the stamp.  My breath provided just enough moisture to breathe new life in the ink left behind on the rubber stamp.  Then stamp the tree again in the “back” of your scene. You will notice the impression to be slightly lighter than the first.  Repeat this process for the number of trees in your scene.

Using just the right shades of blue and green it was time to create the perfect summer day with blue skies and green grass.  The background was created free hand and finalized with blue metallic rub-ons to give the sky some depth and texture.  The other images in this scene were stamped, colored, cut out, and adhered in place.  The red bird on the fence post was colored with a red SPICA Glitter Pen and let me tell ya’ it’s a beauty!  A piece of string was strung across the entire scene attached with heart brads and embellished with sitting birds and a keep the Earth beautiful message.

 Head on over to and purchase a few images. 

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