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I am a papercrafter who attempts to view life at a tricycle pace. If you are in a hurry don't ask me for directions. I love making art to swap, especially retro art. Creating is fun, but creating for the purpose of sharing is fulfilling.

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See More Hope

Perspective has everything to do with hope.  Hope is created or destroyed in the heart by how the eyes choose to perceive a situation, circumstance, or even a person.  Realizing that perspective and hope went hand in hand it provided the perfect foundation for creating this art journaling page, using only a Copic Multi-Liner Pen, to doodle various lines, shapes and dots.  When I created this page, it was out of desperation to see aspects of my life with new perspective.  I ached for the ability re-train my eyes to see more hope in situations, circumstances, and even people. 

There are lots of hidden messages in the page. 

May this encourage you to see more hope!

Halloween: Cute, Practical, Fun

This idea uses the party favor and water bottle drink to decorate the table for the perfect Halloween party. 


The little tin buckets were painted black and decorated to look like a black cat.  The tiny bucket was easy to fill with small items such as spooky hand sanitizer, Smarties, Pop Rocks, and spider rings.  This darling black cat looked amazing sitting next to the mummy water bottle.  A bottle of water wrapped with white crepe paper and finished off with some wiggle eyes almost made this water to cute to drink!  🙂  These party favors and party drink made for wonderful decorations and also eliminated spending extra money on table decorations, that will just have to be stored away when the party is over.

Operation Halloween

It’s a synch to recycle a few milk jugs.  If you dare, use a black sharpie marker to create a spooky ghost.  You can even cut a small hole in the back of the jug and slip a small battery operated tea light candle inside.  Those battery operated tea lights are stinkin’ amazing……{just sayin’}

This is an activity that can be done early and enjoyed all month long. 

Your little goblins will enjoy making them with you and beg you the entire day to turn the tea lights on.  🙂 

You Rock with Red Hair

Wouldn’t it be great to receive a card with the message “You Rock?”  It’s awesome to be reminded that someone, somewhere thinks you are a total rock star in their world.  So that is what inspired this funky grunge, rock star card.  

The creating began with embossing the guitar image, from CTMH, with fine detail black embossing  powder.  Then stamping the splattered ink image, in the same CTMH “You Rock” stamp set, randomly all over the background.  Using Tim Holtz Distress Inks and a foam applicator inked the entire background with the yellow ink and then faded the purple ink into the center beginning in the corner where the guitar was stamped to spotlight the guitar image.  The sentiment was stamped and embossed with fine detail black embossing powder and was given the “grunge” look by adding stamped black dots and layered on torn black paper.


The rock star herself is an image from http://shop.textalk.se/en/shop.php?id=6263.  She was colored with Copic Markers and hand cut with fine detail scissors.  Her hair was colored with the intention of having it look red.  As I colored I kept asking my 7 year old daughter….”what color is her hair?”  I was pleased when my efforts progressed from brown…..brownie…..brownish……RED!  Her enthusiastic response satisfied me enough that her red hair was mission accomplished.  A piece of torn black paper was the perfect layer for this raw and funky music star. 

I hand drew the stars on polka-dot purple pattern paper and cut them out, and layered them on black paper.  Once the stars were layered I rubbed them over with purple metallic rub-ons, to make them grungy.

Have a great weekend, and by the way…. {you rock}

Lend A Helping Hand

Fall is the best time for lending a hand because there is so much to be done in order to prepare for old man winter.  {burr & not quite ready for winter} 

This card is a fun “out of the box” whimsical fall scene.  The Sassy Cheryl’s fireman image was used to help blow leaves instead of squirting water to put out fires.  Sassy Cheryl is having a sale right now and it’s a doozy: Buy 2 get 1 FREE!  You can find her adorable out of this world images at:


The stone wall and tree branch are stamped images from Stamps By Judith and Heather. 

The blue birds and owl are stamped images colored with COPIC Markers and hand cut. 

Each leaf was colored and hand cut using fine detail scissors and adhered to the card base with small crinkles to give the leaves a more realistic look.

The background color was created using Tim Holtz Distress Inks and foam applicator.

Hope this card inspires you to make a difference in the life of someone this week. 


Do you remember the paper beads I posted a few days back?  If not, below is a link to catch you up:


It was my desire to make something for a friend who needed a little encouragement. 

Knowing her favorite color is purple, I searched my stash of scrapbook paper for the perfect shades of coordinating purple hues.   

Since this bracelet was made for the purpose of encouragment I added a silver dangling charm “believe.” 

This carefully chosen charm was to remind her that God has a plan for her life, and this plan is one that will prosper her and give her a hope and a future.  

It’s my prayer that everytime she wears this bracelet her mind will reflect on believing that God keeps His promises.

Glow Get Cleaned Up…..

After a long day of working hard at school I treated my first grade daughter to a nice warm bath and a pile of glow sticks. 

One of my favorite memories growing up was when my mom pulled out the candles and hollered “bath time!” 

So it thrilled me to create this same fond memory {with a twist} for my daughter.  

 A package of glow sticks runs about a dollar, so scurry out and grab a pack or two. 

Please be sure to tell your kiddos to avoid agressive bending to eliminate any glowing fluid leaking out into the water. 

Only you, as the parent, know at what age your children can handle such an activity. 

Put this idea in the memory bank for those cold winter nights.

Everything Old is New Again

Everything old is new again when it comes to this project. 

These beautiful beads are actually created by rolling paper. 

Various papers get a whole new look when rolled tightly, glued and coated with

matte Mod Podge, and shined up with a layer clear crystal accents.   


You will never look at paper the same after you see the new shiny appearance of various types of papers such as road maps, scrapbook paper, phone book pages, magazine pages, or poster board.  The large yellow beads were created with yellow poster board.  Even though my fingers were tired from trying to keep the thicker paper rolled tight, the outcome was a beautiful chunky bead.  The larger neutral colored beads were rolled using a 10 foot strip of magazine paper. 

In other words, the sky is the limit when it comes to this paper bead goodness.   

So Long Summer…..


Eat Cake Graphics Stamps Used in Creating So Long Summer:

1018-E Penny sits

9040-E Cooler (ice chest)

9037-B Bottled water

9035-C Lunch stuff

6035-I Summer fence

7016-M Birch tree

 It’s never too late to reflect on those perfect summer days where the sun was shining and the birds were singing.  This card captures the perfect day for Penny as she sits on the fence. 

 Two techniques were used for creating this card.  The first is using COPIC Markers to create and color a background, and the second demonstrating the ability to create distance for objects in a scene. Since I wanted the trees to show darker in the front and lighter in the back, I inked the Birch Tree image with green ink and stamped on white paper.   Then very quickly held the rubber stamp near my mouth and “huffed” on the stamp.  My breath provided just enough moisture to breathe new life in the ink left behind on the rubber stamp.  Then stamp the tree again in the “back” of your scene. You will notice the impression to be slightly lighter than the first.  Repeat this process for the number of trees in your scene.

Using just the right shades of blue and green it was time to create the perfect summer day with blue skies and green grass.  The background was created free hand and finalized with blue metallic rub-ons to give the sky some depth and texture.  The other images in this scene were stamped, colored, cut out, and adhered in place.  The red bird on the fence post was colored with a red SPICA Glitter Pen and let me tell ya’ it’s a beauty!  A piece of string was strung across the entire scene attached with heart brads and embellished with sitting birds and a keep the Earth beautiful message.

 Head on over to www.eatcakegraphics.com and purchase a few images.