Glow Get Cleaned Up…..

After a long day of working hard at school I treated my first grade daughter to a nice warm bath and a pile of glow sticks. 

One of my favorite memories growing up was when my mom pulled out the candles and hollered “bath time!” 

So it thrilled me to create this same fond memory {with a twist} for my daughter.  

 A package of glow sticks runs about a dollar, so scurry out and grab a pack or two. 

Please be sure to tell your kiddos to avoid agressive bending to eliminate any glowing fluid leaking out into the water. 

Only you, as the parent, know at what age your children can handle such an activity. 

Put this idea in the memory bank for those cold winter nights.


Everything Old is New Again

Everything old is new again when it comes to this project. 

These beautiful beads are actually created by rolling paper. 

Various papers get a whole new look when rolled tightly, glued and coated with

matte Mod Podge, and shined up with a layer clear crystal accents.   


You will never look at paper the same after you see the new shiny appearance of various types of papers such as road maps, scrapbook paper, phone book pages, magazine pages, or poster board.  The large yellow beads were created with yellow poster board.  Even though my fingers were tired from trying to keep the thicker paper rolled tight, the outcome was a beautiful chunky bead.  The larger neutral colored beads were rolled using a 10 foot strip of magazine paper. 

In other words, the sky is the limit when it comes to this paper bead goodness.   

So Long Summer…..


Eat Cake Graphics Stamps Used in Creating So Long Summer:

1018-E Penny sits

9040-E Cooler (ice chest)

9037-B Bottled water

9035-C Lunch stuff

6035-I Summer fence

7016-M Birch tree

 It’s never too late to reflect on those perfect summer days where the sun was shining and the birds were singing.  This card captures the perfect day for Penny as she sits on the fence. 

 Two techniques were used for creating this card.  The first is using COPIC Markers to create and color a background, and the second demonstrating the ability to create distance for objects in a scene. Since I wanted the trees to show darker in the front and lighter in the back, I inked the Birch Tree image with green ink and stamped on white paper.   Then very quickly held the rubber stamp near my mouth and “huffed” on the stamp.  My breath provided just enough moisture to breathe new life in the ink left behind on the rubber stamp.  Then stamp the tree again in the “back” of your scene. You will notice the impression to be slightly lighter than the first.  Repeat this process for the number of trees in your scene.

Using just the right shades of blue and green it was time to create the perfect summer day with blue skies and green grass.  The background was created free hand and finalized with blue metallic rub-ons to give the sky some depth and texture.  The other images in this scene were stamped, colored, cut out, and adhered in place.  The red bird on the fence post was colored with a red SPICA Glitter Pen and let me tell ya’ it’s a beauty!  A piece of string was strung across the entire scene attached with heart brads and embellished with sitting birds and a keep the Earth beautiful message.

 Head on over to and purchase a few images. 

A Clean Haunted House?

This card features the following amazing Halloween images from Eat Cake Graphics:
Haunted House(6037-S) & Hank (the dog) on his Hoover(3056-I)

 Is it possible to have a clean haunted house? 

I’m thinking this painting with bleach technique coupled with paper piecing is just the trick to make this haunted house comfortable for the ghosts and goblins.  Stamp the haunted directly on to orange cardstock with embossing ink, coat with fine detail black embossing powder, and apply heat to melt the powder.  Once this image is set, pour a small amount of bleach into a glass bowl, use a detail paint brush to apply the bleach to the area of the embossed image where you desire a color change.  (In this case, I chose the house siding.)  The raised embossed lines help keep the bleach from running into other areas, isn’t that the coolest?  This slight discoloration makes the house stand out just a touch from the rest of the layout.  While the bleach is drying, stamp the haunted house image on to white cardstock with black ink.  Using detail scissors cut out the eyes of the owl, bat, cat, and ghost, apply a little glue to the back and paper piece them directly on to the orange cardstock in the appropriate position.  I instantly fell in love with those darling little white eyes peeking out from all directions.  Stamp the haunted house image on to brown cardstock and then again on yellow cardstock with black ink.  Carefully inspect the roof of the house.  Do you see the paper piecing?  Again using detail scissors cut out those portions of the roof and attach to the orange cardstock image with glue, making sure you line everything up properly.  Now stamp Hank on his Hoover image on to white cardstock with black ink and color.  The Halloween greeting was stamped on yellow cardstock and attached with a short piece of brown string around Hank’s neck.  He is one proud puppy flying around the neighborhood spreading his Halloween cheer.  Layer the card with various cardstock and add a touch of goo at the base with the Martha Stewart border punch.


Doodle-Doodle Dooo

It’s always fun to set aside the precision of stamping and allow my imagination to run with a little more freedom.  The freedom allows for straight lines to NOT be SO straight and the beauty of perfection is often in the random and irregular.  Doodling is a wonderful way to lighten things up.  Below is a birthday card that incorporates doodling and stamping. 

 Allow yourself to enjoy the art of doodling and using the masking technique incorporate a few of your favorite images.  These charming old men are from  I believe they made the old man club look very exciting!  🙂

Spin Me ‘Round, Baby!

Making these vinyl record bowls will certainly spin you ‘round.  It’s easy peasy and thrifty to boot.  I purchased a vinyl record at my thrift store for a few cents and came home on a mission to create. 

Here’s the low down:

Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees.

Find an oven safe glass bowl that would make just the right size bowl.  Place the glass bowl upside-down on a cookie sheet.

Center the record on the upside-down bowl and place it all in the oven. 

Set a timer for 8 minutes.  Don’t plan on being away from the oven during this time.  It’s best to sit and keep an eye on things.  The record will begin to droop over the glass bowl. 

After 8 minutes remove the cookie sheet, glass bowl, and record from the oven. 

Here is where you will have to work QUICKLY!  Once the record is removed from the oven it will not take long to cool and therefore shortening the time you have to mold it.

Take the record off the glass bowl and flip the glass bowl right side up.  (The record will be cool enough to touch but the glass will be hot.) 

Take the pliable record and shove down into the glass bowl and create the mold for your bowl.  You will have only seconds to work out your curvy shape. 


Wha-Lah!  A handmade vinyl record bowl!  DO NOT SERVE FOOD in this new bowl creation.  It’s best to use just for decoration.  It would be lovely with a small planter of greenery or flowers to display in your home.  My new bowl is the perfect home for the Prisma Colored Pencils. 


Ventilation should be considered in this project since fumes are involved during the heating process.  I ended up cleaning my oven following this project, just to be safe.


There is something outrageously exciting about receiving a special delivery and something so irresistibly charming coming from an unexpected deliverer, like this adorable elephant.  I created this card for a friend, who lives just across town, in hopes she would feel outrageously excited upon its arrival in her mailbox and to bring a smile to her day. 

The images I used on this card from Stamps By Judith and Heather are the following:

These images can be ordered online from their website  You will be pleased with the quality product and customer service. 

I stamped the elephant on the main white cardstock base and again on an additional piece of white cardstock.  I colored both elephants with COPIC Markers and cut one out to layer with foam squares on the main white cardstock base.  I then stamped the flower pot twice on the additional white cardstock colored with COPIC Markers, cut them both out, and adhered one over the bird on the elephant’s back.  The additional flower pot was attached with a foam square for a 3D effect.  Stamping the flower image twice on the additional white cardstock and alternating their petals gave this bloom a whole new look just perfect for the elephant’s back.  Additional flowers were stamped and cut out to adhere with foam squares to the corner of the card.  The stem of the potted flower was created using the skinny stamper and masking technique.  

Here is a closer view of the 3D look created with foam squares:

 The final layout was completed by layering color coordinating papers and adding a computer generated sentiment.  Using so many images in new ways made for some marvelous creating.